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Exacerbated Failure +

The main site is currently down. Use the YouTube Channel!

Exacerbated Failure is a Comedy Website project Co-Starring Keith "K-Turns" Edward Maus and Christopher Mychal "No Parking" Hemeon (*Gasp* You now know me real name). It isn't mainstream by any means. Perhaps it could be best considered as "Awkward Alternative Comedy". Strange Obscure Skits, and Fanime* tomfoolery!

Saint James +

Saint James is an aspiring rap artist who's music takes on gritty darker tones, with a killer drum production that is sure to make your head bob to the beat. Some tracks have been collaborative works between him and meself, something we'd like to call "Hybrid Music"; Taking elements of ME Gothic Techno and HIS Gritty Rap.

ҤΛƆƘ÷ (Hack Division)+

Local to San Jose, California and newly formed mid 2013. It's eerie and dark Industrial Electronic. The brilliant brains behind the music are:
- SyCx1 (Ben Campbell)

- Techtonicks (Steven Euchler)

McZLite (Christopher Mychal Hemeon). 

Each have similar tastes that ease collaboration, yet influences different enough to merge something uniquely mesmerizing. 

 + Veloloop +

A neat device to attach to your bike to change street lights to GREEN!